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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blogging the Hulu Plus Criterion Collection: All the Boys Are Called Patrick

All the Boys Are Called Patrick

Here's the first short subject in the Criterion Collection. All the Boys are Called Patrick is an early short by Jean Luc Goddard and it is interesting to compare this movie to 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her.

2 or 3 Things was very dry and aimed at the intellect. This one is far more lively. The two actresses in particular are full of life. The exact opposite of the emotionless characters in 2 or 3 Things. The story is simple. A French pick up artist gets a date with two young women, unaware that they are best friends and roommates.

The best scene is in the apartment where the two women talk about their upcoming date. They both paint him to suit their different tastes. Neither realizes they are talking about the same person not until they see him the next day.

The movie has some visual panache. Early on a near miss by a car is punctuated by some jarring jump cuts. The camera moves around a lot. And Goddard can't help but put some visual jabs at the film world in the background.

This is a short review for a short film. It's definitely worth a look for both directors and writers. The story is very solid and makes some excellent points about how people see the world.

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