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Friday, June 26, 2009

Screenwriting from the Foxhole

Welcome to the Foxhole.

We all know the screenwriting biz resembles warfare. Specifically trying to charge across open ground with enemy artillery raining down from all sides. You see people getting blasted apart left and right, the guts of their ambition and dreams spilling out onto the sands of the slush piles. Very few who hit the beach manage to make to find cover. Fewer still fight their up to that fortified wall of success with its rows of barbed wire and landmines (also known as creative execs and script readers).

I've been lucky enough to make to a foxhole and from this relatively safe vantage can observe and share.

First bit of advice, get off the beach! Don't be floundering around in the surf. If you're coming ashore, come ashore. Yes there's bombs going off all around you, more than you know. You should have seen some of the coverage I've written. But here's the thing, if you can't live with the idea that somebody in a production office thinks the script you've worked on stinks; that on the weekend he heads down to Father's Office with his development exec buddies and has a good laugh over the scenes you've sweated over, that the only reason he doesn't use your script as TP is he's afraid of getting a paper cut on his colon and ending up on 1000 Ways to Die, then this isn't for you. You may want to swim back to the landing craft.

To the rest of you. Good look and keep your heads down. They're sending another volley out way!

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